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Day after Christmas, I

On the town after Christmas. My car needed work, so I dropped it at 4th Street Auto (discussed on PDD here) and decided to walk downtown from there — always fun.

Painting Similar to One at Duluth Coffee Company, by Ken Marunowski

Painting Similar to One at Duluth Coffee Company, by Ken Marunowski

We passed through Essentia/SMDC/Whatever it’s called, and the Christmas display overlooking the lake was adorable.

We also stopped at “The Red Door,” a new shop by Whole Foods (in the old “Obscuriosities” complex).  We stopped because, by gum, they have the most-shoveled sidewalks in Duluth, and it felt like they deserved a visit.  The owner, Sharon, indicated that they opened at the end of September.  Unlike Obscuriosities, which was almost all retro/vintage, this shop is both vintage and local art.  I loved the clocks by Sheila Olmstead (pictured here), made from recycled materials.  Some appeal to my retro-steampunk style, some appeal to my cute radar.  I also loved the pottery by Kim Gross.  The employee at the checkout mentioned that the shop would love to partner with more local artists.  I loved this shop and will be back, even if my Plymouth Breeze is not in the shop.  (They do not have a website, but have partnered with students at the College of St. Scholastica to develop one, up soon.)

Breakfast at Coney Island (discussed here).  So much food, so tasty.

My first trip to Duluth Coffee Company.  I was happy to see art by my friend, Ken Marunowski. (see here).   The coffee menu at DCC is so simple — where are the double turtle choco things?  But the latte was tasty, and Kate said that the coffee was “A-” — a hard won grade from her.

While we were there, Emily stopped by to mention her upcoming concerts.  I am her former teacher (she did a dynamite independent study on Jonestown) and one of her biggest fans.

I am amazingly lucky to have the space and time to enjoy my community this way, and I hope you will do the same this holiday season.

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  1. Duluth Coffee Company is great! And they know that coffee should only come in one flavor, um, coffee.

    Bret | Dec 26, 2013 | New Comment

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