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East End Tailor

I used to work in West Duluth, and West Duluth Sewing was conveniently accessed. I made a special trip over the last week, and to my disappointment they seem closed – as in not open for business anymore.  Anyway – Joanne was great – always happy – she could fix anything:  hem pants, repair gear, advise on relationship issues …Well, I’ve come to realize I need to find a new tailor.  Ideally somebody working east of 21st and not on top of the hill. Proficiency in creative repairs for old, cherish gear is desired. If any of you have a go-to for hemming, button sewing, and general support from behind a surger or sewing machine, I’d love the recommendation.

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  1. Patty’s Tailor Shop
    1027 Tower Ave.
    Superior, WI 54880

    Bret | Dec 20, 2013 | New Comment

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