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Driver Pays the Price

Is it true that on a very cold winter day a bus driver was assaulted by a rider? The DTA #2 bus was running late due to I-35 South being closed and traffic running slow due to icy road conditions. A rider waiting for about an hour boarded the bus and allegedly grabbed a phone-like devise and began to beat the driver. The driver was buckled in his seat and thus defenseless so other riders came to his rescue. Did this really happen in Duluth? It’s great to see the customers stepping up and helping their driver. Did anyone witness this?

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  1. A reliable source told me an incident similar to what is described here happened. An upset rider was indeed subdued by passengers, but the rider did not beat the driver with a device. The intervention happened before any punches were thrown. So I’m told.

    Paul Lundgren | Jan 17, 2014 | New Comment

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