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Scary Duluth Basements

There are so many potentially creepy houses in Duluth, especially along Greysolon Road. Aren’t you just dying to know what’s in the basement? Could be catacombs of dead people you weren’t aware of, or an ancient demon perhaps.

Rooms can be very difficult to photograph, but post your photos/video tours here anyway. If you think the space is creepy but the photo doesn’t convey it, feel free to add some description as to why this place is so dreadfully scary.

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  1. The creepiest basement I’ve been in in Duluth is the big brick mansion on Roslyn Ave. No pics though. Cathy Wright might have some though, as she lived in an apt. upstairs.

    hbh1 | Oct 27, 2013 | New Comment
  2. I used to work in the old Minnesota National Bank building downtown, which had a creepy basement. There was this old giant furnace from 1890 and an old exit with stairs that go nowhere. It also didn’t help that it was a hangout for cockroaches.

    DECk37 | Oct 30, 2013 | New Comment
  3. Thanks dudes. I salute you both, all two of you. Out of a port area of say 150,000, you folks were the only ones with the heavy balls, and sheer audacity to come through on this exhilarating assignment paying homage to the Great Pumpkin. I don’t care if Christmas is already here. To all of you who thought about posting but didn’t, you need to man up, and follow through next time, because Halloween only comes once a year.

    Those photos are really nice Deck37, I can only imagine 1892, it has a ring to it…

    Herzog | Nov 8, 2013 | New Comment
  4. Herzog, wish I could have helped, but my basement isn’t scary, just somewhat disgusting due to the faint yet lingering mystery dog smells.

    emmadogs | Nov 9, 2013 | New Comment

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