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UMD Makeouts

Yes, there is a Twitter page dedicated to posting photos of University of Minnesota Duluth students making out. It’s called UMD Makeouts, sporting the hashtag @UMD_makeouts.

Predictably, most of the photos are poorly shot. Some of them highlight cute little lovebirds, but more of them fall into the raunchy, drunken or questionably consensual categories.

Activity on UMD Makeouts seems to have dramatically slowed since mid June, either because of summer break or because good taste sometimes prevails over trends.

Cindy Vu wrote a commentary in March about this subject for the Statesman. PDD apologizes for not latching onto this saucy tidbit until five months after it was hot.

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  1. If you feel like losing even more faith in the upcoming generation the Twitter page @UMDrunk is another one to check out.

    moosetracks | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  2. Um, people make out with guys with backwards baseball caps?

    Bret | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  3. *facepalm* I love my city, but this is yet another confirmation that my choice to go to school elsewhere was a good one. I can stay farther away from these people in the masses of Chicago.

    Allison Morse | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  4. There aren’t any people like this in Chicago?

    Fitz | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  5. In Chicago people wear their caps forward at all times, never kiss and are completely unaware that social media exists. It’s a magical place.

    Paul Lundgren | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  6. Bret, wouldn’t the bill get in the way otherwise?

    Lawrence Lee | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  7. Lawrence is right. It should be noted that the guys in the photo might not wear their hats backward as a general practice, but they flip them around for better making out — you know, like Orville Beddoe flips his around before a fight.

    Paul Lundgren | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  8. If they combined the Twitter feed with an app that shoots out alcohol fumes, bad breath and indescribable aroma of imminent vomit, it would be just like driving a cab!

    Ramos | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  9. I started a pdd makeout feed, hashtag #pddmakeout.

    Start tweeting!

    Cory Fechner | Aug 13, 2013 | New Comment
  10. Ye blessèd creatures, I have heard the call
    Ye to each other make; I see
    The heavens laugh with you in your jubilee;
    My heart is at your festival,
    My head hath its coronal,
    The fulness of your bliss, I feel—I feel it all…

    Then sing, ye birds, sing, sing a joyous song!
    And let the young lambs bound
    As to the tabor’s sound!
    We in thought will join your throng,
    Ye that pipe and ye that play,
    Ye that through your hearts to-day
    Feel the gladness of the May!
    What though the radiance which was once so bright
    Be now for ever taken from my sight,
    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower…

    -from William Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

    Sam | Aug 14, 2013 | New Comment
  11. God forbid those damn college students have any fun!

    @ndy | Aug 14, 2013 | New Comment
  12. Very common Twitter theme for many colleges, and high schools, today. Search “makeouts” on Twitter and you’ll see literally screenfuls. Allison, I don’t know where you went to school in Chicago, but I’d be surprised if your school doesn’t have one.

    Same thing goes for Drunk, and Overheard, and Crushes, and all sorts of subjects. Definitely not unusual that UMD has them; in fact, UMD’s a little behind when it comes to some of them.

    And I, for one, am pretty sure that I said/did/witnessed things equally stupid during my college career. Only difference is that there was no way to show it to the entire world within seconds, thank God.

    Totally waiting for the #pddmakeout pic of Claire and Danny, btw.

    jessige | Aug 14, 2013 | New Comment

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