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Fun with cold weather experiments

We’ve been conducting a variety of cold weather experiments at Great Lakes Aquarium this week. The location is just about perfect for it; right on the waterfront in Duluth with a door connecting our classroom lab to the outside.

This video should serve as a reminder to make sure your hair and your clothes are completely dry before heading out.

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  1. What’s more fun than watching paint dry? Watching ice freeze.
    Time lapse done in my garage today over about 5 hours, 1 frame every 30 seconds.

    brian | Jan 24, 2013 | New Comment
  2. Enjoying our new GOPRO are we Mr. Brian? Who had to clean up the broken shards?

    davids | Jan 24, 2013 | New Comment
  3. That looks like the Happy Space Positivewear Duluth/Vader shirt -- very cool.

    cjrentals | Jan 24, 2013 | New Comment

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