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Awesome Fest and Bad Fashion Party call for volunteers, etc.

Awesome Fest and the sixth annual Bad Fashion Ski Party at Mont du Lac are coming up Feb. 1-3, hosted by the KinkHos Telemark Ski Gang. The music and Bad Fashion Party are free; discounted three-day lift tickets are available for skiers. There will be telemark, alpine and snowboard events all weekend. Ten bands are playing. We’re looking for sponsors, volunteers, participants and a decent PA system. “It’s your turn to be awesome,” and “you have to be awesome.”

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  1. Cool stuff like vintage ski demos [who wants to try out foot wide shaped skis and $1,000 boots, when you can strap on some 200+cm narrow, straight planks and someone's old stinky leather boots (if they fit you)]! Some crazy races, music and other shenanigans.

    ian | Jan 21, 2013 | New Comment

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