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Medium Control Renovation in Canal Park

The Medium Control has an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund the renovation of a new store.

We made an old-school Super8 video so you can learn who and what the Medium Control is and more about the new store renovation in the second floor of a Canal Park building that sat empty for 20 years. We’re so excited to share this with Duluth.

The Medium Control

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  1. Hello from London -- “The Big Smoke”! I really connected with the imagery and soundtrack of the Super8.

    I live 100 yds from an Underground station. How WAY OUT is that? And I spend a lot of time in Northumberland so my pronunciation of “Anick” Castle is flawless!

    We must be living in parallel worlds that have flip-flopped! Your video captured the duality within my own life. I live in London but a part of me viscerally and virtually resides in Duluth.

    So, there’s my story…. I couldn’t resist that!

    Kodiak | Dec 15, 2012 | New Comment
  2. As I’m not likely to trample any other posters, here’s another comment.

    I’m really excited by what you’re doing. Something about it fascinates me. I hope the creative, functional and linear aesthetic has landed in Duluth with your enterprise.

    I hope the U of M School of Design project, the launch of your business and the architectural contributions of David Salmela will make an aesthetic imprint in the minds and on the surface of Duluthians so that better and more functional design is demanded and rewarded.

    Here are some creative collectives that I am familiar with. |

    I wish you much success!

    BTW -- Check out the 27 Nov post on PDD re: the Armory if you haven’t already.

    Kodiak | Dec 15, 2012 | New Comment
  3. David Salmela sucks at making miniature golf courses.

    adam | Dec 15, 2012 | New Comment

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