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Free Both

If you were alive in the 2000s, then you were part of the international phenomenon knows as Bothomania, an uncontrollable urge to listen to Both. Unfortunately for many, this frenzy often resulted in the complete and total destruction of all physical materials associated with the band.

Flash forward to today (the future and present), where we have all shuffled off this physical coil and all things are made accessible though tubes aligned in series. Things including the three (3) studio albums (aka LPs aka CDs) that the band released before achieving a simultaneous state of burning out and fading away.

You can stream them (aka listen to them on your computing box/calculator) and download them (aka store them on your phone/game machine) for free (aka for no money or trade) here and here and here but not here.

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  1. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! I love The Inevitable Phylis.  Been waiting to get this after I wore out my copy.  I stole a riff for a tune I recorded back in the day…hehehehe

    pbrstreetgang | Oct 1, 2012 | New Comment

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