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Duluth’s New Nameless Park

So today there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new park
above the corner of the Lakewalk holding tank — a/k/a the East Interceptor Sanitary Sewer Overflow Storage Facility.

And the city is looking for citizens to come up with a name for it.

The news release notes:

The park contains artistic representations of the four Duluth Sister Cities and structure designs, Minnesota native foliage, a new public restroom, benches and one of the most spectacular views of Lake Superior. As of now, this beautiful park is without an official name and Mayor Ness is asking for community input. Suggested names for the park can be submitted to the Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page at DuluthParksMN or by going to the City of Duluth’s web site at A Community Advisory Committee will review all suggested names and submit the top three to City Council for approval. Deadline for submitting a name for the park is Oct. 8.

Well, fine. Obviously this is a wonderful opportunity for PDD to open its comments up for people the suggest a name for the park. If you have an idea, share away.

Here’s the part where I poop on the party a tiny bit. Shouldn’t it just be a part of Lake Place Park? It’s right next to it. Connected, for crying out loud. Do we need to have a separate name/park to boost our number of parks even higher in to the uncountable one-hundred and whatever?

That being said, it’s a lovely park and a nice use of space, yada yada. Name it whatever you want. Here’s a few more pics.

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17 Comment(s)

  1. I thought the city was calling it “Lakewalk Park.”  Is that not its real name? Why not name the thing before opening it?

    Tom | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  2. East Interceptor Sanitary Sewer Overflow Storage Facility Park.

    Ramos | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  3. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

    adam | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  4. Sewer Park. (Anyway, I think that’s what everyone will end up calling it regardless of what the official name turns out to be.)

    David | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  5. Tom, you may have misread the headline of the city’s new release — or some other media’s regurgitation of it. The headline above does sort of indicate that the park is called Lakewalk Park, but the subheadline makes it clearer that the intended meaning is “New unnamed park on the Lakewalk dedicated today.”

    Paul Lundgren | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  6. Ahh…that would probably be the case.

    I agree that this problem wouldn’t exist if they would just admit that it’s part of Lake Place Park.

    Tom | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  7. Last Place on Lake Place Park.

    Drew | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  8. DaVe | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  9. Last Park on Earth
    (No Smoking)

    schmood1971 | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  10. Jim Carlson’s Property Memorial Park?

    B-man | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  11. Nice use of that space … but apparently Thunder Bay is 172 miles straight east out into the lake. Details…

    mevans | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  12. Boardwalk And Park Place.

    Beetle | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  13. Poopshoot Park is what we’ve been calling it … a gross name, yet fun at the same time. 

    blondie | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  14. Entries are closed in my estimation: Last Park on Earth. Bravo schmood.

    spy1 | Sep 21, 2012 | New Comment
  15. Isn’t the city always hard up for money — especially with the Casino funds being no more?  How about sell the naming rights?
    • Amsoil Park? 
    • Maurices Park?
    • Perfect Duluth Park? 

    Tomasz | Sep 23, 2012 | New Comment
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being named Bob Dylan Park.

    Sjixxxy | Sep 30, 2012 | New Comment
  17. An update to this old post:

    At some point the name Sister City Park was chosen.

    Paul Lundgren | Oct 15, 2013 | New Comment

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