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Duluth Christmas Party Ideas

I’m looking for some ideas for our company Christmas party. I’d like a place with a kitchen (I have a friend who will be catering for us) and enough room for a sit-down dinner for about 45 people. Any suggestions?

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  1. The All American Club in the Friendly West End has a commercial kitchen, dining area, and bar that can be rented out.  

    ethompson | Sep 19, 2012 | New Comment
  2. Norway Hall in Duluth and the Belgian Club in Superior are two other options, but the All American Club would be your best bet.

    I don’t know if the Friends Meeting House is an option or not.

    Paul Lundgren | Sep 19, 2012 | New Comment
  3. I heard the Belgian Club is no more. But I’ve not been there since last Spring for BINGO.

    Hot Shot | Sep 19, 2012 | New Comment
  4. …great festive atmosphere at the Duluth Curling Club!!!

    scott | Sep 19, 2012 | New Comment
  5. @Paul and Hrr: The Friends Meeting house might be an option. There is a good kitchen-seating for 45 for dinner would be somewhat cramped and there’s no bar. I’m the recording clerk for the meeting (sort of an administrative position) and I could put you in touch with Dorothea Diver who handles space reservations if you’d be interested: mlatsch at gmail

    mlatsch | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment
  6. Thanks, y’all!

    hrr | Sep 20, 2012 | New Comment

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