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DTA needs help on Restoration Project

The DTA (Duluth Transit Authority) has an ask of the community to help restore a vintage 1939 Twin Coach. This 1939 Twin Coach was donated to the DTA on December 5, 2001 by former Duluth School Superintendent, Mark Myles. The Twin Coach sat idle for many years in the woods before the DTA project assumed ownership and began the restoration project. When completed, the Twin Coach will be show-cased in local parades and events. Do you have time to help restore this 1939 Twin Coach?  See Jim Brown at work during weekday mornings. Efforts are currently being made to organize volunteers for the coming year. Any donations helpful: tires, time, etc.

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  1. I spent enough detention time with Mark Myles in his office while has was principal of Congdon Park Elementary. Sounds like a cool project though, good luck.

    Swan | Jun 15, 2012 | New Comment
  2. I remember back in my Congdon Days when Mark Miles came knocking on the front door after school looking for my brother (we lived 1/2 block from school). Can’t remember why, might have been due to a squirt gun or something else against the rules….but again, this is not a “Memories of Principal Mark Miles” post. Agreed, sounds like a great restoration project.

    Suzy | Jun 18, 2012 | New Comment

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