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Nerds make turn to charity

Adam Brisk, Crystal Pelkey, and Jeremy Nilson are among the engines that make Duluth a more interesting place. As founders of Duluth Nerd Nite, they serve up entertainment on a regular basis that also helps sustain one of our most important resources, the Teatro Zuccone. And they have been invited to consult in Minneapolis, a town that has yet to experience awesomeness that is Nerd Nite.

At the next event, Saturday at 7:30, they are bringing a new dimension to Nerd Nite: the location has changed, and so the door receipts will go to the Friends of the Duluth Public Library.

If you are a nerd, I expect to see you there. If you are a Friend of the DPL, I hope to see you there. Nerd Nite is going on the road to Collector’s Connection for a special Saturday Night Edition. Leaving the confines of Downtown Duluth, we will meet in Nerd Heaven, a comic and game emporium!

So hop in your car, or have your mom drive you, and prepare to enjoy a graphic novel and comic-book-inspired smorgasboard of presentations and games!

Presentations this time around:
- Female Comic Book Muses from the ’70s by Phoenix Walker
- World of NerdCraft: Media DIY by Alex Ness, John Hoban & Dann Matthews

Alex, John and Dann are some of Duluth’s greatest creative minds, in my opinion. Certainly, Alex has the funniest Facebook feed in the Northland. See you there?

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