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Homegrown banners on PDD

I’m a little late this year, but here is the annual call. We’re looking for your Homegrown photos! The guidelines are the same as always. We’ll rotate Homegrown images in that extremely horizontal and hard-to-fit-a-photo-into space at the top of the page during next week’s festivities.

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  1. After looking through the Homegrown Banner photos from the last few years, I noticed some trends in the things people like to photograph.
    Here are the most common things that appear in the PDD Homegrown Banners.

    Someone using a microphone -- 14 pictures
    Beer -- 6 pictures
    Sunglasses -- 6 pictures
    Fred Tyson -- 6 pictures
    Kickball -- 3 pictures
    Beer Bong -- 2 pictures
    The Quizzard -- 2 pictures
    Gourds -- 1 picture

    So I guess what I’m saying is when choosing your submissions, we could use a few more gourd shots.

    brian | Apr 23, 2012 | New Comment
  2. Last year’s Slizzard is still missing…

    adam | Apr 23, 2012 | New Comment

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