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Lake Avenue Café named “Best Restaurant Worth the Drive” by City Pages

City Pages‘ “Best of the Twin Cities” issue came out on Wednesday. Lake Avenue Café in Duluth took honors for “Best Restaurant Worth the Drive.”

Gray slate rock juts out of brilliant green grass overlooking majestic Lake Superior. Down by the water, just off the finish line for Grandma’s Marathon, is an area mostly filled with mediocre restaurants. Although the Lake Avenue Café has been there for years, the young crew running the place is a relatively recent addition. The food is beyond better than average, from elegant comfort food like the pungent, Taleggio-touched mac and cheese to a tender, succulent braised pork belly. The café also rocks a bar program like no one else in the area. Almost all the brews and booze are local, with none of that plastic-bottle rail garbage. From the art to the giant wood booths, built by an artisan friend of the restaurant, it’s a cosmopolitan outpost in a unique small-town setting by the sea (or at least what feels like a sea). On sunny days the patio is tucked away from the crazy tourist hordes on Canal Park. On wintry or rainy days, when you’re embraced by the warm wood interior and munching on spicy, chorizo-stuffed dates, you may never want to leave.

Here’s a link to the PDD post where Duluth-related “Best of the Twin Cities” winners of the past are collected.

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  1. Lake Ave Cafe is definitely my favorite restaurant in town. Congratulations!

    emmadogs | Apr 21, 2012 | New Comment
  2. I love the New Scenic, Chester Creek Cafe, and Zeitgeist best, I think, but Lake Ave is up there on my list. They served apps at the Duluth Art Institute’s art show Thursday evening and they were fabulous!. Definitely won the prize for best apps at this year’s art Gallery Progressive.

    Claire | Apr 21, 2012 | New Comment
  3. Aarrgh, Claire, you’re right! Love Chester Creek Cafe in town (New Scenic too, but sorta out of town). Okay, so LAC is in my top 3.

    We’re so lucky: there’s so many great restaurants in town that I forget some of them sometimes!

    emmadogs | Apr 23, 2012 | New Comment
  4. Duluth was a culinary desert when I moved here in 1994. Lake Ave Cafe and Bennett’s in town, the Scenic Cafe on Highway 61. That was it for really excellent places that my in-laws would go to and not complain about afterward.

    Claire | Apr 23, 2012 | New Comment

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