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History detectives: Who was Lester?

The photo of the mouth of the Lester River taken in 1896. Photo credit: submitted by Julie Krienke

UMD journalism student Julie Krienke wrote this great article for Maybe it’s just because I live on Leicester, but I think this article and Mark Atkinson’s search are a perfect candidate for the PBS series, The History Detectives. Maybe if everyone tells them we’d like them to join the search? It worked for TBT on Prairie Home Companion.

Julie writes:

As Mark Atkinson leafs through the file of old newspaper clippings about Lakeside at the Duluth Public Library, he pauses when he sees a photo of the Lester River. He sets aside a 1896 photo showing the mouth of the river and sighs.

“I can tell you who every creek and river in Lakeside is named after except that one.”

To read more, visit the article at

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  1. Here’s a link to the PDD thread on the subject:

    Who was Lester?

    Paul Lundgren | Mar 4, 2012 | New Comment

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