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Piggyback Bandit in Duluth?

Sherwin Shayegan — the Piggyback Bandit — was spotted in Duluth Saturday night! Friday he was banned from All Minnesota High School sporting events after creeping at high school games in St. Cloud Thursday and Minneapolis on Friday. Saturday night he was at the DECC! There was a guy creeping on our group as we were saying our goodbyes after the Roller Derby bout. One guy said something to him and he dashed off. That’s when we recognized him.

CBS Minnesota: Minnesota Bans ‘Piggyback Bandit’ From Prep Events

St. Paul Pioneer Press: For pouncing on athletes, ‘Piggyback Bandit’ is banned from Minnesota high school games

City Pages: Sherwin Shayegan, Piggyback Bandit, is in Minnesota

Athletes, watch your backs!

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14 Comment(s)

  1. He’s got the Bachmann crazy eyes thing going on. | Feb 12, 2012 | New Comment
  2. Why, oh why, was the first thing that popped into my head coupling him up with the ball slasher? I’d like to think a cage wrestling benefit to help fund Homegrown would draw a crowd.

    sarafenix | Feb 12, 2012 | New Comment
  3. Creeeepy! I think it would be hilarious to watch a bunch of derby girls kick his ass if he tried something last night.

    BadCat! | Feb 12, 2012 | New Comment
  4. “Police report stated that the suspect was found unconscious outside the facility where a roller derby bout was taking place. Mr Shayegan was transported to St. Mary’s in Duluth with several sets of contusions on his body that seemed to be consistent with rollerskate wheels.”

    Yeah, I’d almost pay to see that one. | Feb 12, 2012 | New Comment
  5. Sarafenix, I’m glad I wasn’t alone.

    kerc | Feb 12, 2012 | New Comment
  6. He’s encroaching on the ball-slasher’s crazy guy turf! (Imagines “Beat It” style scissor fight).

    Makoons | Feb 13, 2012 | New Comment
  7. I guess because I’m not an athlete, and therefore, live not in fear of him jumping on my back, see the dark humor in this kind of ‘soft terror.’ He keeps it real. It’s even more absurdist, there are thousands of cities out there who haven’t yet banned the Piggyback Bandit, in the same way that Superior, because they weren’t thinking outside the box, didn’t have the necessary laws to handle someone fornicating a dead buck. And so, when he exorcises all these other towns, he can move on to other countries. He’s almost like a freedom fighter in that way. The PB bandit’s work is never done.

    Herzog | Feb 13, 2012 | New Comment
  8. Hey Missdiscer, your story is being debunked.

    Duluth News Tribune: “Was the ‘Piggyback Bandit’ in Duluth last weekend?

    Paul Lundgren | Feb 17, 2012 | New Comment
  9. Weird how the Duluth News Tribune decided it wasn’t true because… why? They couldn’t prove it so it must be false. Great reporting!

    I am not surprised others didn’t see him. No one else in town was aware of the guy before this.

    The piggyback bandit was at the DECC. Creepy but true. Yes I could be mistaken but I would not have reported it to the police if I had any doubts. Is there some other sighting of the guy somewhere else, no.
    I stand by our encounter.

    You would too if you had come face to face with the guy. He has an unmistakeable face, facial markings and a peculiar demeanor. He pretends he’s slow, innocent. He pretended he was a part of our group. We were at a sporting event, he was sidling uncomfortably close. And he ran when we asked him a question.

    missdiscer | Feb 29, 2012 | New Comment
  10. I’m Maija. I’m a journalist and I don’t make sh@# up.

    missdiscer | Feb 29, 2012 | New Comment
  11. missdiscer | Jul 11, 2012 | New Comment
  12. Well now I feel kinda bad for the guy. :(

    BadCat! | Jul 11, 2012 | New Comment
  13. You see, there’s always a reason behind it. Psychology and people, are far more complex than society tends to want to understand. We usually just want to kill the problem, rather than understand it. One morning I found myself reading an account of one of Dahmer’s classmates who wrote/illustrated a comic book about his experiences with Jeffrey in high school in a somewhat sympathetic POV, and Dahmer was even a somewhat funny/entertaining guy whose future tendencies might’ve been diverted if someone had seen, understood, intervened. That one of the 20th century’s most horrifying killers had reasons for who he became, and I guess when you understand those reasons, it lessens the fear somewhat, of the unknown, the insane, the profane, and/or at least puts it in context.

    Herzog | Jul 11, 2012 | New Comment
  14. That’s a great book.

    Barrett Chase | Jul 11, 2012 | New Comment

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