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Bella, Missing Cat from East Hillside

Myself, along with others I know have all had our cats go missing within this past week. Are there others experiencing this horrible phenomena?

I am absolutely bummed about this. Bella has never been away from home for more than a few hours.

She is an orange and white cat, around 8 Ibs. She was last seen June 30, on East Eighth Street between 7th and 8th avenue. She may or may not still be wearing her pink ‘safetycat’ collar with ID.

If you have any information regarding her, or if you even think you may have spotted her, please contact us @: ricer26 @

We miss her so much. She is a beloved member of our family.

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24 Comment(s)

  1. That’s awful! I wish you luck in finding her. Keep us updated. And if you hear of other pet-nappings, let everyone know.

    Ravenous Pigmeat | Jul 5, 2011 | New Comment
  2. It’s not my intention to suggest this post is a hoax, but it reminded me of the “Dog Thieves?” post from last year.

    Paul Lundgren | Jul 5, 2011 | New Comment
  3. I really hope you get her back -- she’s a very pretty kitty!

    Also, not to add more sadness to an already bad situation, but when you find Bella, you may want to consider keeping her an indoor-only cat.

    I’ve had one cat disappear, another cat lose part of her tail to frostbite, and another get a nasty abscess (from fighting with other cats) and FIV (basically kitty-AIDS) while allowed to freely wander Duluth’s neighborhoods. My last cat now stays indoors (with occasional yard supervision) and is a healthy and happy 16-year old.

    So good luck finding Bella -- I’ll keep an eye out for her!

    Bad Cat! | Jul 5, 2011 | New Comment
  4. I’ll add to BadCat!’s gentle urging. I hope you find your kitty safe and sound (I assume you have checked with the shelter?), but do seriously consider keeping the cats inside. Roaming cats are one of the primary reasons for songbird declines in the US … not to mention all the other health and safety reasons already mentioned.

    Good luck.

    edgeways | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  5. We will keep everyone posted.

    Definately not a hoax.

    We just hope that all of those awful things that could possibly be, aren’t. This is tough.

    We just keep trying everything we can, and are getting the word out anywhere we can. While doing this, we realized how many others have had their feline friends go missing just recently. Community Communication is what has brought so many animals back to their homes, and so we thank all of you that read our post.

    Keeping our fingers crossed.

    benne308 | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  6. To the comments about keeping her inside: We have done this in past years. However, it was very difficult for her considering how apparent she made it to all in our household that she was unhappy inside.

    I realize how defensive I sound, but I mean. She’s missing. The thoughts you share I have had several times over. And trust that after this, if she does have a safe return, a Close watch will be ensued.

    benne308 | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  7. I have said this before, but my cat spent a week inside a neighbor’s locked garage (and we couldn’t hear her despite actually listening at the locked door) when they went on vacation. It is a time of year when many people lock things up before going away, and cats who roam often find themselves stuck in a place where they’ve become accustomed to visiting freely. Asking directly at neighbors’ houses, and checking outbuildings is important.

    hbh1 | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  8. A vet friend of mine told me 75% if his income is people letting their cats outside. Just sayin.

    bud | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  9. hbh1 ~thank you for your advice. We will absolutely take a look.

    benne308 | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  10. My cat once vanished for several weeks. He’d spent at least part of that time locked in our neighbor’s sauna. He’d been a fat cat and came home gaunt.

    We stopped letting him out because a neighbor asked us to. He was crapping in her yard, which of course I should have realized he was doing. To the end of his days with us, he never stopped begging us to let him out.

    When we moved to Duluth we learned that it’s illegal to let cats run free in the city. But it seems to be entirely unenforced. And I guess there’s some justice in the fact that neighbor cats saunter over and poop in my garden.

    I hope your girl comes home, benne.

    bluenewt | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  11. Thanks bluenewt. I had NO idea about that law. Goodness. We are doing everything we can. Your hope for us means a lot, and helps us keep going with this. Thank You.

    benne308 | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  12. Just a note on letting cats outdoors. We’ve compromised with our cats. Part of our roof is accessible from a window, so I installed a portable screen with a makeshift pet door and they go out on the roof all day. They seem to really enjoy it and can’t get into anything. They’ve never once tried to jump off or anything. We also put a harness on and attach them to the dog runner to play outside, but only when I’m outside doing yard work etc. This way they get enough of the outdoors experience to not complain too much, and they can’t get into trouble. Some cat owners may be able to get creative about letting them enjoy the outdoors.

    Laura | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  13. We’ve never ever let our kitties outside, because Animal Allies made us promise not to when we adopted them when they were babies. Our last, late lamented cat was an indoor/ourdoor cat, and she — surprisingly — lived til age 16. But there were some hairy moments, like the time she was locked in a neighbor’s basement for three days. It’s much less stressful keeping the cats inside, and not having to worry that something awful will happen to them, even though our last cat defeated the odds and lived a long life.

    I hope you find your kitty! And I echo what hbh1 said — talk to the neighbors!

    Claire | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  14. A roof or high/encolsed porch is a nice compromise for kitties that are mature enough not to get themselves in trouble. An extended walk (or rather, “follow the cat”) on a harness is good as well. I’ve seen plans online for making a cat-proof enclosure, so depending on your yard, you could create a large enough space to keep her content and safe.

    And I totally understand that you aren’t looking for “you should have’s” right now, you’re looking to have your Bella home. I was unsure if I should bring it up to you, but decided that I should because I’ve lost cats and had cats harmed in this area. Our local vet told us that a lot of cats in Duluth’s hillside are testing positive for feline leukemia (which is much worse than FIV, as it’s super aggressive and much easier to transmit).

    Again, my thoughts are for the health and welfare of Bella, and I hope that even if you decide to keep her an outdoor cat, she is returned safe and unharmed to you.

    Bad Cat! | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  15. The lifespan of an outdoor/indoor cat is significantly shorter Than the lifespan of an indoor cat.

    Good luck.

    Lojasmo | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  16. We tried letting our kitty out on a harness, but he kept escaping. We never once saw him do it. We could see him in his harness from the kitchen window. He’d lie peaceably in the grass. But then at some point we’d look out there and there’d be an empty harness.

    I’m not saying the harness is a bad idea, but it was hilarious how badly it went with us. We never figured out how he did it.

    Let us know if Bella comes home!

    bluenewt | Jul 6, 2011 | New Comment
  17. Hah! Cats are totally escape artists!

    Bad Cat! | Jul 7, 2011 | New Comment
  18. Bad Cat! speaks the truth. We can’t even keep collars on our kitties. They’re little Houdinis.

    Claire | Jul 7, 2011 | New Comment
  19. Whenever my cat gets out, she makes it about ten feet before turning around and quickly waddling back in. She has ZERO interest in remaining out. Benne, keep us updated, and I’m putting out some good energy for her.

    EvilResident | Jul 7, 2011 | New Comment
  20. My cats go out on long leads (ropes) with harnessses that are generally escape-proof, unless they get seriously twisted around a vertical object (one of their hobbies)…I also made a tube out of cat fencing from “purrfect fence” — closed with zipties and an opening at one end that closes with a rope…between these things they have fun and have never caught a bird. I am outside with them most of the time just to make sure all is well.

    Francene Starr | Jul 7, 2011 | New Comment
  21. Oh, and I am so sorry about Bella and hope she comes home soon!

    Francene Starr | Jul 7, 2011 | New Comment
  22. I just saw a coyote cross Woodland near UMD on my way home from a bike ride through Hartley. I hate to say it but I think if there is a rash of missing cats in your area this is a likely culprit.

    chadp | Jul 8, 2011 | New Comment
  23. There are missing cats in my area, but also in other neighborhoods, cities , counties, etc. Perhaps this is always happening, and now I have just really taken notice of it.

    To everyone who notifies me of the bad possible outcomes that could have already taken place to our Bella, it’s hard stuff to swallow. We still have hope that the ‘worst’ hasn’t happened.

    We are looking everyday, but, she could be anywhere . . .

    To those who have shown their empathy ~ Thank You ~ losing a pet is very hard.

    benne308 | Jul 9, 2011 | New Comment
  24. Hillel Slovak | Jul 9, 2011 | New Comment

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