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The best breakfast downtown…

…I might have had this morning. At least, best per-dollar, with the awesomest staff: the Coney Island.

“On April 10th, 1921 Gus Saites, a Greek immigrant, had a few hundred dollars and an idea. He would head to Duluth from St. Paul and open a restaurant on East Superior Street in the bustling town of Duluth Minnesota. Nearly 90 years later this idea continues uninterrupted in the same location and under the same tin ceiling as on that spring day in ’21.”

I had the veggie omelet; Kate had the french toast, and we both enjoyed the cook/waiter’s company; he was friendly and outgoing to some newbies. And we ate like kings for $5 each.

Coney Island Duluth

I’ve never been there in daylight before; it’s a gem of downtown. And 90 years? Wow!

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  1. That is the one thing that I really miss from Duluth besides friends and relatives.

    Nothing like those conies … anywhere.

    Les Nelson | Jun 24, 2011 | New Comment
  2. Thanks for the tip, and the great photo to boot. I have always intended to stop in for breakfast some morning, but always have seemed to forget that it is available. I’ve actually never been in the building, since most vegetarians, including myself, really don’t hanker for any form of sausage for lunch … however … breakfast? I’m definitely going.

    rnarum | Jun 26, 2011 | New Comment
  3. My mom apparently loves the Coney’s breakfast.

    zra | Jun 26, 2011 | New Comment

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