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Mary Plaster: Mixed Media Masks

Most of these are still on display at Beaner’s Central. Green Man is gone, though. Must have trekked off into the woods.

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  1. This Plaster’s work is beautiful. I used to make pinatas for grade school parties using a balloon, and paper mache. I liked the simplicity of newspaper and glue, candy falling from the sky. I think the Mexicans are on to something here, why not take your aggressions out on a cartoonish figure with a baseball bat? Beats the War on Drugs. I might be inspired to make one out of T-Paw now, maybe dress him in Castro fatigues. Good work on the reunion article Paul. Life is sad, beautiful, comic, horrific, and short.

    Brent Eagleburger | Jun 21, 2011 | New Comment

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