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1,000 Perfect Duluth Day Users

Perfect Duluth Day hit a milestone today at 4:28 p.m. when the user “emmajoru” created an account and made the post below about the Low concert. PDD now has 1,000 contributors.

This is kind of a meaningless number in some ways, because not all 1,000 contributors have actually contributed. Some people create an account and never post. And, of course, only a small percentage of readers bother to create an account and become a contributor, because the only reason to have an account is to create a post. Anyone can read or comment without an account.

Nonetheless, big even numbers are fun, so I thought I’d share this milestone.

It took just over two years to reach 1,000 contributors. Although PDD is approaching its eighth year, we started over at zero contributors in 2009 when the site switched to the Word Press publishing platform.

By the way, anyone who thinks “emmajoru” should win $1,000 should contribute $1,000 to PDD. For now, thanks to “emmajoru” and all of our users, lurkers, commenters and random people who find our site by searching Google Images for “bong.”

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  1. I like this.

    How does PDD stack up against similar community-based blogs?

    Is PDD a blog?

    zra | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  2. Damn it … I should have waited a couple more days to register.

    Tom | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  3. Wow, I thought you were kidding about the bong thing. Glad I checked it. This site would be screwed without that picture.

    Tom | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  4. I’m not sure how to answer Zra’s “stacking up” question. I really don’t think there is another blog out there that is similar to PDD — a community blog with a large base of contributors. If anyone knows of one, let me know. For now, I have to assume we are an original.

    Paul Lundgren | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  5. Well that’s kinda what I was wondering. I would half expect there to be somewhat similar websites somewhere.

    Is there?

    Maybe Duluth is just the right size to actually support this type of concept. I suppose it’s possible to have a Perfect Greenwich Village Day, or a Perfect Embarcadero Day.

    Then again, maybe not.

    zra | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  6. Wut? No t-shirts?

    ruby2sd4y | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  7. This really is a BFD and you guys deserve to be commended for it. In all sincerity, big congrats.

    Danny G | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  8. Grand Marais used to have a community blog that really rocked, I don’t know if they still have one. Palo Alto, CA has one, but it’s not grassroots, like this one. It’s more Chamber of Commerce-ie.

    Claire | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  9. I believe it’s called Claire, nice because it has a classifieds, hint hint, (the community of a small town like GM is pretty tight) but it’s got nothing on the weapons grade humor, variety, and dedication of the P Diddy folks. Now if someone can grow some mountains here it’ll be all good.

    Curly Endive | Mar 25, 2011 | New Comment
  10. Yeah, I guess Boreal Access out of Grand Marais is similar. It’s more of a news aggregate with a collection of bloggers providing content, while PDD is totally a collection of bloggers, but I guess I’d still say we’re in roughly the same genre.

    As far as traffic, Boreal Access does very good for a small-town website. PDD has roughly 30 times the traffic Boreal Access does, but Duluth has roughly 60 times the population of Grand Marais.

    Paul Lundgren | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  11. Thanks.

    zra | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  12. Did you ever compile the results of the demographic survey from this year?

    todobrillante | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  13. I don’t know if PDD is the only one of its kind but it sure is a special thing for this community. Lots of groups around the country (and the world) are trying to launch citizen media projects. The New Voices Project out of American University has a nice summary of some of them.

    This report talks about what seem to be the key ingredients to success: Knight Citizen News Network: New Voices. (Twin Cities Daily Planet is one that is mentioned here).

    It would be interesting to see if there are others out there that follow a similar model to PDD. There might also be some intriguing ideas about “what’s next” for PDD, though it works so well right now, maybe you shouldn’t touch it.

    John | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  14. Yes, todobrillante, the new Readership Demographics are compiled. Click the words to view the numbers.

    John, don’t tempt us.

    Paul Lundgren | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  15. Hey, when even Danny G congratulates PDD, the mods must be doing something right! Congrats! The beer’s on me!

    Erin | Mar 26, 2011 | New Comment
  16. By far this is the best blog I read every day. A diverse, yet civil range of thought and opinions, with a good dose of humour as well. I have recommended this blog to anyone I meet who loves Duluth.

    Ruthie | Mar 28, 2011 | New Comment
  17. Paul has done a pretty good job of protecting me from myself. I read this blog every day — even when I’m far from home.

    TimK | Mar 29, 2011 | New Comment
  18. Go Emma! She should get a t shirt for this.

    Henry Jenkins | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  19. Also, I would like to point out that at least 0.1% of us live in Brasil.

    Henry Jenkins | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  20. Brasil, Spain?

    Paul Lundgren | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  21. Spain?

    Henry Jenkins | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  22. It’s a Fletch joke.

    Fletch: Who is it, Mister Sinilindin?
    Reservation Agent: No, the name is Cavanaugh.
    Fletch: Ah! Is that Morris or Pierre?
    Reservation Agent: It’s Sally-Ann Cavanaugh. She’s connecting out of Provo.
    Fletch: Ah … Provo, Spain?
    Reservation Agent: Utah. In fact, you purchased the ticket for Ms. Cavanaugh.
    Fletch: Doesn’t mean I want her sitting next to me, does it?

    But we digress.

    Paul Lundgren | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  23. …GUFFAW!

    +1 for Fletch.

    Patrick Warburton put on a clever Fletch styled reprise as the Wolf on Hoodwinked.

    tamara | Apr 4, 2011 | New Comment
  24. Perhaps Emmajoru should get a ball bearing for her prize.

    Or a recording of “Moon River”?

    jessige | Apr 5, 2011 | New Comment
  25. Yeah, I guess she should get something. How’s this?

    Paul Lundgren | Apr 5, 2011 | New Comment
  26. I’m so jealous of Emma right now I can taste it.

    jessige | Apr 5, 2011 | New Comment
  27. All my dreams have come true!

    Emma Joru | Apr 5, 2011 | New Comment

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