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R.I.P. Sleazy

Peter Christopherson passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 24th November 2010 at his home in Bankok.

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  1. “We are all only temporary curators of our present bodies, which will all decay, sooner or later. In a hundred years or so ALL the humans currently alive will have died. I take great comfort in knowing, with certainty, that thing that makes us special, able to enrich our own lives and those of others, will not cease when our bodies do, but will be just starting a new (and hopefully even better) adventure…” -- Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson

    Nathan Amundson | Nov 25, 2010 | New Comment
  2. If you want to touch the sky
    Put a window in your eye?

    David | Nov 25, 2010 | New Comment
  3. ‘Heathen Earth’ one of my first LP’s back in the day, proud to be an aging punk and will have a memorial in my own way

    Biff Nimrod | Nov 26, 2010 | New Comment

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