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PDD Gift Guide 2010

One way to feel good about taking part in the hyper consumerism of the holiday season is to shop locally. That’s why your pals at Perfect Duluth Day have again compiled a gallery of gifts produced by the hands and brains of your friends and neighbors. Click on the pics for details about each item.

Just like last year’s guide, the fabulous showcase below is by no means comprehensive. List your own suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Those are all amazing gift ideas above. I would recommend my fruit-crate-styled art available in framed and unframed versions. If you have been to GB Schneider and Co. restaurant in West Duluth you may have seen my West Duluth depictions on their walls. Check out my Duluth Crate Co. website.

    Jeff Ruprecht | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  2. Two good sampler CDs of local bands that were released in 2010 — Beaner’s One Week Live, Volume VIII and The ARMC Presents the Twin Ports.

    And two of my favorite releases this year — The Moon is Down’s Excellent Adventure and the Boomchucks’ self-titled debut.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  3. RedRabbitRiversmith (Bridget Riversmith) is now buttonized for ease of shopping. ($15 posters, $50 Giclee prints)

    edgeways | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  4. Don’t forget the Everyday Duluth Calendar 2011.
    Unique scenes a Duluthian might see on an ordinary day.

    Sun Dog | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  5. The Everyday Duluth Calendar was professionally printed in Duluth with union labor.

    The paper is Forest Stewardship Council approved and fits easily into a 9 by 12 envelope, which is a standard size, so you can mail it to your loved ones who miss Duluth.

    Where to purchase said Calendar:
    Get it Local Gift Fair, Saturday, Dec. 4
    Get Great Stuff Gift Fair, Tuesday, Dec. 7
    Neighbor Made Art & Gift Fair, Saturday, Dec. 11

    Duluth Stores:
    1. Winslow’s Hallmark in the Plaza Shopping Center on E. Superior Street
    2. Northern Lights Books and Gifts
    3. I Love Duluth
    4. Grandma’s Restaurant
    5. Duluth Aquarium
    6. The Chocolate Ship
    7. Fitger’s Bookstore Last time I checked they were all out.
    8. Green Mercantile
    9. Lizzard’s Arty Gallery and Framing Shop
    10. Duluth Grill
    11. Airport gift Shop
    12. St. Luke’s Hospital gift shop
    13. St. Mary’s gift shop
    14. Miller Dwan gift shop
    15. Moxie Hollow
    16. Adeline’s Salon Inc.
    17. Sara’s Table/Chester Creek Cafe
    18. London Road Car Wash
    19. Pam’s Hallmark, Miller Hill Mall
    20. Calendar Club Kiosk, Miller Hill Mall
    21. The Inn on Lake Superior

    Sun Dog | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  6. Alakef has also revamped most of its coffee gift boxes to include some options and selections and new packaging.

    zra | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  7. I am sipping Alakef’s anniversary blend right now!

    Sun Dog | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  8. A few new books:

    News to Me — former Duluth News Tribune reporter and editor Laurie Hertzel’s memoir.

    Henry! You’re Late Again! — children’s book written by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl and illustrated by Perfect Duluth Day’s own Brian Barber.

    The Assassination of Hole in the Day — biography of Chief Bugonaghezhisk, or Hole in the Day the Younger, by Anton Treuer, professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  9. Three more 2010 books:

    Forgotten Duluthians — biographical sketches by David Ouse of 39 Duluthians.

    New sixth edition of the Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail — updated maps and information about the over 277-mile footpath from Duluth to the Canadian border.

    The Spowl Ribbon — highfalutin literature from yours truly. (It’s technically still a new book for two more months!)

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  10. A Christmas by the Lake Volume IV is a compilation CD of 22 holiday songs recorded by local musicians. It’s available at Super One Foods locations and Pam’s Hallmark in the Miller Hill Mill. Profits benefit the Northern Lights Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that helps families of children with life-threatening illnesses.

    brian | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  11. The Dance Boots might be a gift for someone who wants to learn more about how native children and families were affected by federal education policy.

    It is written by local person, Linda LeGarde Grover, a professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

    I haven’t read it yet, but it contains short stories, which is often are good gifts. Here is what was written in a Tweed email:

    Grover’s winning collection of interconnected short stories slips back and forth in time to give an account of the lives an extended family. In the process she illustrates the wide-reaching consequences of the federal policy of removing children from their families to be educated in off-reservation boarding schools.

    There will be a book signing and reading on Saturday, December 4th, 2:00 p.m. at the Tweed.

    Sun Dog | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  12. Thanks for the mention of my book, which, I agree, would make a great gift for anyone who loves Duluth.

    These are all excellent suggestions — at least 10 people on my list will get that cool Duluth calendar.

    I’d also suggest any Kenspeckle Letterpress prints, too. Here’s one at random:

    You can find many more at Sivertson Gallery (Canal Park and Grand Marais) and also on

    laurie | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  13. Beautiful gifts. To add to the list, how about an Indian Head Massage at Love Life Yoga & Wellness? Namaste.

    Kiki | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  14. I know I am going to give family and friends some great gifts this year, which they’ll love, if they love Duluth. I’m thinking these make especially fine gifts for snowbirds and others who’ve left Duluth, but haven’t gotten it out of them.

    News to Me: Adventures of an Accidental Journalist by Laurie Hertzel. It’s a fascinating first-person account of what it was like to live in Duluth in the 1980s, with the stories behind the news story. I can’t say enough good things about this book.

    Picture Duluth, a coffee table, full-color, illustrated book with some amazing photos. It’s spendy for the hardcover edition, $35, but well worth it. I already bought a copy as a gift, but I may just keep it for myself! This is one of the finest coffee table books about Duluth’s charms I’ve ever seen.

    And, the third gift, is something I first saw mentioned here on PDD: the wall calendar, Everyday Duluth 2011. What a lovely idea! I only wish the calendar’s photos were even larger!

    R2D2 | Nov 24, 2010 | New Comment
  15. I have new images in the Walk on Water series on my website.

    E-mail or call me at address/phone on the website. I’ll frame em and deliver em.

    ann klefstad | Nov 24, 2010 | New Comment
  16. R2:

    Picture Duluth is also available as a $20 softcover, available at area book and gift stores and Glad you like the book. Dennis O’Hara is a wonderful photographer.

    Tony D. | Nov 27, 2010 | New Comment
  17. Camp Miller has a Winter Camp for kids age 7-15 that runs Dec. 26-28. Give the gift of sledding, building huts, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, etc. It’s $175 per kid. Call the camp office at 722-4745, ext. 181, for details.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 29, 2010 | New Comment
  18. Buy them a piece of historic Duluth at North Shore Architectural Antiques.

    johnm | Nov 30, 2010 | New Comment
  19. How about giving the gift of health and wellness?

    Love Life Yoga & Wellness

    Kiki | Dec 1, 2010 | New Comment
  20. If you’re a fan of the News Tribune Attic or Duluth history in general -- or if you know someone who is -- take a look at the DNT’s 2011 historical photo calendar. It includes sharp, full-page prints of 14 photos from the News Tribune archives, of Duluth from the 1950s through the 1980s. They’re great shots.

    The calendar is $7 at the DNT offices downtown, or at the paper’s mall kiosk near Barnes & Noble. It’s $10 by mail; you can order here:

    DNT historical photo calendar

    akjuneau | Dec 1, 2010 | New Comment
  21. Duluth cartoonist Chris Monroe has designed a “Welcome to Duluth” T-shirt for local musician James Moors. (He has a song called “Welcome to Duluth.”) For a limited time you can get the new James Moors CD Skyline with your choice of T-shirt for $25.

    You can buy them online at, or I’m sure James will have them when he performs at the Red Mug in Superior on Friday, Dec. 17, at 8 p.m. (Maybe you’ll get more size and color options buying online, but you’ll save on the shipping by buying in person.)

    Paul Lundgren | Dec 8, 2010 | New Comment
  22. The Automaton Records Media Conglomerate has issued a limited-edition “Rising Sun” hoodie just in time for the holidays.

    It features a two-color front, yellow lotus flower hood print, 9 bands printed on the left sleeve, the Automaton Records Media Conglomerate printed on the right sleeve, and the back reads “Handmade audio releases | Duluth | Minnesota.”

    This is a limited edition is nearly sold out, but a handful are available for $25 by e-mailing thearmc @

    Paul Lundgren | Dec 17, 2010 | New Comment
  23. Looking for a last minute gift for a proud Hillside or former Hillside resident? Love the Hillsider Newspaper?  Give a Hillsider T-shirt as a gift. S,M,L, XL $15.00  XXL $16.50

    To purchase a T-shirt phone 218-728-1031 or 218-591-5277 or email

    (It is also a fundraiser for The Hillsider.)

    (They accept Paypal too. Email an order and they will send you an invoice.)

    brian | Dec 17, 2010 | New Comment

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