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Franconia Sculpture Park talk

passing it along:

Bridget Beck is hosting a “Three Dimensional Symposiums @ the park”

All people are warmly invited to a series of lively evenings for a free dialogue and an interchange of ideas between artists and everyone interested in art of three dimensions. FSP artists and alumni converge at the park twice a month, from June through October, for Three Dimensional Thursday Symposiums. The evenings’ events will include dinner with Franconia resident artists ($10 donation), examples of alumni and/or resident artists’ current artwork and a freewheeling discussion between artists, critics, philosophers, poets, and you!.
For more information please & to RSVP, please call 651-257-6668 or e-mail

Franconia Sculpture Park

If you haven’t been to FSP it is highly recommended. Directions at the bottom of this page

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