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Sympathy for the Ball Slasher

Below is video footage from last Wednesday’s “Paul Lundgren Happy Hour” at Teatro Zuccone. As a primer for the video, you might want to read my latest column.

Props to Dean Vogtman and Dan Fitzpatrick, videographers extraordinaire.

Click here for info about next week’s Happy Hour.

7 Comment(s)

  1. Quotes pulled from

    “acclaimed newspaper columnist”

    “infamous newspaper columnist”

    Are these statements tongue-in-cheek?

    “Arrowhead Regional Arts Council” grantee:
    The art of self-promotion?

    Does anyone find this man humorous or entertaining?

    Isn’t the ball-slasher story quite old by now?

    Is it just me?

    BeeJ | Feb 13, 2010 | New Comment
  2. Oh snap, the jig is up!

    Paul Lundgren | Feb 13, 2010 | New Comment
  3. Paul,

    Thanks. Great show. Fun & funny. Rachel was right on too. Looking forward to the other shows.

    Liz | Feb 13, 2010 | New Comment
  4. @ BeeJ, the answers to your questions:

    1. Definitely. Anything else wouldn’t be Paul Lundgren.
    2. Perhaps. How often do you big up your work?
    3. Of course! He’s a riot! I’ve been reading Paul’s work (both professional and otherwise) for quite some time.
    4. Sure it is, but what the hell, right? I mean, if Leno can keep telling the same jokes over and over, why can’t everyone else, right?
    5. Yeah. It *is* just you.

    zra | Feb 14, 2010 | New Comment
  5. You know those plastic sheets of packaging bubbles and how addicting they are to pop? I gather the ball slasher graduated from those. Those bubbles should be labeled a gateway fetish and regulated like porn and pills.

    farglebargle | Feb 14, 2010 | New Comment
  6. Mother’s milk leads to everything. It’s the original gateway drug.

    zra | Feb 14, 2010 | New Comment
  7. Not only is he funny…he’s a very nice man.

    Touchdown | Feb 15, 2010 | New Comment

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