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A Small Request


Can we all please STOP referring to this place as “Carmody’s”? The name of the bar is Carmody. Singular. Or, alternatively, Carmody Irish Pub.

It does not belong to a person named Carmody. Look at the sign. There is no apostrophe. There is no “S.”

Carmody. Plain and simple.

Anything else sounds, well, kind of stupid.

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. The fact everyone calls it Carmody’s bugs you? By the way, we went there Sunday for drinks, and got talked into participating in their Sunday night Irish pub quiz — and we won! It helped that there were a lot of questions about U.S. presidents and my husband teaches American history at UWS. It was a total blast.

    Calk | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  2. Wow … make’s me apprehensive to go there lest I offend the sensitive folk’s and their pint’s o’stout’s.

    Chester Dark | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  3. I thought it was called O’Naughtagin’s.

    Beamish Smithwicks | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  4. Can I call R.T. Quinlan’s just R.T’s?

    mevdev | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  5. neither, just R. T.

    ben boylan | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  6. The real answer?


    hbh1 | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  7. kyanize | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  8. Thank you Barrett. I’ve been meaning to make this exact post since about the day Carmody opened.

    Sjixxxy | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  9. Carmody is a surname of Irish origin. If there was a bar called Johnson Swedish Pub I certainly wouldn’t ask someone to meet me at Johnson. Id be all like “Hey lets got to Johnson’s and grab a Spendrups!”

    Jibbers | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  10. heh, now I know how to idly push a few people’s buttons.

    edgeways | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  11. It’s hard to care will the place used to have ( for over a year) table tents that referred to it as Carmondy’s. I believe they where made by Superior Beverage—-Budweiser.

    dbrewing | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  12. I’m with Barrett on this one. Edgeways, if you really want to get under my skin, tell me “I borrowed $5 to my friend so he could get a drink at Carmody’s.”

    ms dean | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  13. Hey can you reach me a bottle of the good stuff behind the bar at Carmody’s?

    Calk | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  14. Carmody’s

    but I am totally with you Ms. Dean about the “I borrowed $5 to my friend…” yeach

    edgeways | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  15. My 4-year-old calls Burger King “Burger King’s.” This made me think of that.

    Beverly | Apr 10, 2009 | New Comment
  16. Congratulations!

    You’ve won “Best Post and an Ensuing Comment Thread on the Internet Ever!” award.

    Unless you were being ironic and your expressed gripe was intended to initiate the dumbest discussion (w/ people defending) on purpose. If that’s the case…


    You’ve won “Greatest Post and an Ensuing Comment Thread on the Internet Ever!” award.

    Keep reaching for the stars.

    The Internet’s

    The Internet | Apr 11, 2009 | New Comment
  17. Is it annoying that I not only say it with an ‘S’ but also with the most Minnesotan accent a girl can muster?

    I say it kinda like the Target Lady on SNL … Kermodees.

    dunderhead duluthian | Apr 13, 2009 | New Comment
  18. Whatever you call it, I’m not paying $5 + $1 tip for a pint of beer in Duluth.

    Admackbar | Apr 13, 2009 | New Comment
  19. I have a friend that insists on calling it Carmondies

    Adrian | Apr 15, 2009 | New Comment
  20. You know… singular does sound classier than possessive. Consider: Barrett House vs Barrett’s house. OK, maybe I need to lay off the Masterpiece Theater for awhile.

    pH | Apr 15, 2009 | New Comment
  21. Internet sed…
    The Internet’s


    sorry, barrett, im late to respond but i have an excuse. i never read PDD. i dont even have PDD bookmarked. i forget PDD exists. ..i reckon facebook sent subliminal messages that got me here. or OMG maybe it
    was the UFO’s because i dont remember a thing. except suddenly im reading an article
    on PDD and

    i kept reading and much to my surprise saw this particular post. even more specific i saw the photo on this post topic. i like that photo. and

    how cool is to see a c-pub photo someplace other than myspace or personal photo acct.

    with that said,
    id like to know where this pub photo was stolen from. **you have all the permission you want barrett [to clarify im not flippin out] id hardly want to flip out online. what, with no audience! but plenty of people do flip out online. on farmtown, for godssake. lol.. sigh. i know im the only one who thinks thats funny. no need to respond; doubt i will ever read PDD again.

    i have list of things to do!

    Learn how to protect digital images.
    200 words or less, please

    ae | Jun 28, 2009 | New Comment
  22. I’ll respond to this anyway since I actually am a big believer that we shouldn’t steal photos. I got this shot from The photo is not credited on that site. I didn’t feel bad about taking it since some of my own photos appear (uncredited) on that site, and I saw it as a sort of give-and-take. I realize now that that doesn’t make much sense.

    Barrett Chase | Jun 29, 2009 | New Comment
  23. Are we all catching the irony here or is it just me?

    wildgoose | Jun 29, 2009 | New Comment
  24. karma-dee eye-rish-puuub. Oh what the hell, call it what you like and we won’t be offended! Just stay away from the kar-MOOOO-dee

    Eddie Carmody | Sep 21, 2009 | New Comment
  25. And all this time I thought it was: Oh-Not-Again!

    Eddie Carmody | Sep 21, 2009 | New Comment
  26. Better that than grabbing your Johnson, eh!

    Eddie Carmody | Sep 21, 2009 | New Comment
  27. You’d at least think the experts at The Growler magazine would get it right.

    Paul Lundgren | Feb 26, 2014 | New Comment
  28. It is high time that Carmody Irish Pub invested in an apostrophe and an S and started calling itself what everyone else calls it. I’m sure there are plenty of Duluth Apostrophe’s that would be happy to find legitimate work.

    Ramos | Feb 27, 2014 | New Comment

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